Dressing for and around your big day is a big deal, isn’t it? So many options but what goes by the trend and totally makes you feel like your best self holds a lot of importance. Wedding, engagement, reception or the other ceremonies, you have got everyone’s eyes on you. And to ensure you have what it takes to make it count, your style partner Blackberrys has brought a checklist of your wardrobe essentials. Let’s get started!
- Shirt that says celebrations

Satin and Poplin fabric are perfect for the ceremonies but that doesn’t mean you should limit to it. Cotton shirts do brilliant too when you pick a classy print such as floral and geometric.

Picking the ones with some fancy buttons or party details will surely give a kick to your outfit.

- Suit it up

We aren’t talking about a business suit here. Go for a band gala suit, Nehru jacket suit or a lapel collar suit whose collars are probably satin and the detailing calls for a celebrating spirit.

Velvet makes for a perfect pick, or a mix fabric detailing makes for a classy choice.

- Blaze it up with a classy blazer

You wear a blazer with a white cotton shirt or go and grab a party shirt with a little sheen; you will look classy no matter what.

Blazers do best on engagement and ceremonies that need you to look formal yet cheerful at the same time.

You could opt for waist coat too that’s built with some fancy detailing. Detailing with satin piping and a pocket square give an extra notch to the look.

- When picking trousers, attention must be paid

A lot of eyes go on how you match your shirt with your trousers. A fashionable pair of trousers that give a young look are mandates in your wardrobe.

Subtle is what you should look for, though a little glaze of detailing works wonders to give you a star look.

- Accessories

Suiting up? Next step is to get a tie, cufflinks, pocket square, belt & a classy watch. Metal cuff links or the ones with crystal, both look equally royal. Ensure the pocket square matches the shirt colour, and the tie brings out the look of our shirt.

You’ll be amazed how these detailing will put your outfit to a great show.

- Shoes

Get this part right and you will win most of the points. Check that your shoes colour is sleek and matches the tone of your outfit. Go for formal oxfords or derbies or grab the classy plain leather shoes.

If you like tassels, look for the subtle shoes that have them put tastefully.

Visit & explore a plethora of options, and grab what matches most to your personality.

Look smashing. After all, it is your day!

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