Firebird Club Be a part of our exclusive loyalty program and #KeepRising with us.

Firebird Club

Let The
Phoenix Rise

Blackberrys FIREBIRD Club is an Elite Loyalty Reward Program applicable at our Exclusive Stores* and official website.Once you are a member, you can avail the best offers, special discounts, exclusive previews and benefits that Blackberrys has designed, especially for its FIREBIRD Club members.

What are the benefits of a FIREBIRD Club membership?

Membership Benefits

  Blue Silver Gold Platinum
Promo Announcements
Size Request Option
OFFER OF THE DAY - Exciting New Offers As You Enter The Store  
Exclusive Sale Preview  
Collection Preview  
Privilege invitations to Fashion Events/Workshops  
Birthday And Anniversary Bonus Points  
Converting Expiry Points To E-Voucher    
Subscription Base Online Fashion Tips: Latest Fashion Tips At The Click Of A Button      
Relaxed Validity On Points Expiry*      
Milestone Benefits      
Free Parking *      
Free Home Delivery of Altered Merchandise*      
No Question Asked Exchange Policy*      
Collection Update Informed Via Email/Sms

*Terms & Conditions Apply as per GST policy

How does one be a part of The FIREBIRD Club?

By shopping at the Blackberrys Exclusive store or registering online. You can register through your mobile number.

Your registered mobile number will be your pass to all exclusive offers.

There are the 4 levels of membership. At every level, you can enjoy an increased set of privileges, along with point benefits:

Membership Tier Eligibility Criteria Points on Every Purchase
Platinum Cumulative Purchase of Rs. 25,000 & Above 7% X Net Bill Value
Gold Cumulative Purchase of Rs. 12,500 –24,999 5% X Net Bill Value
Silver Cumulative Purchase of 5,000 –12,499 3% X Net Bill Value
Blue Cumulative purchase of Rs. 4,999 No points earned
Welcome Points First Purchase With Blackberrys & Register Mobile No. 50 Points
Know Me Better On Giving Valid Information Of DOB DOA & Verified Email Id 100 Points
Tier Upgrade To Silver On Cumulative Purchase 4,999+ 100 Points
Tier Upgrade To Gold On Cumulative Purchase 12,499+ 200 Points
Tier Upgrade To Platinum On Cumulative Purchase 24,999+ 500 Points
Consistency Points Shopping Every Quarter 400 Points
Referral Points On Successful Referral Referrer -250 Point Referred -250 Points
Membership Anniversary Points FIREBIRD Membership Anniversary 100 Points
Birthday Points Birthday Bonus Points 300 Points
Complete Grooming Rewards Shopping All- Formal, Casuale & Urban 200 Points

How do I upgrade to the next tier?

Every purchase brings you closer to the next tier

Silver To Blue Cumulative purchase of Rs. 5000
Gold To Silver Cumulative purchase of Rs. 12,500
Platinum To Gold Cumulative purchase of Rs. 25,000

*EOSS/shopping under promotion will be considered for upgradation, but no points will be earned on discounted bills.

How do I use my phone to avail membership benefits?

Your mobile phone number is your Pass to a world of Special Offers and Shopping Privileges with Blackberrys. Mention your registered mobile number at any Blackberrys exclusive store or online store to:

  • Earn points on every purchase
  • Check your point status
  • Redeem your points at the store
  • Avail FIREBIRD Club privileges using mobile vouchers

OPT OUT of SMS communication, SMS- “OUT” to 56161

For any other queries, email us at or call us at +91-981000 0209

Make the best of your membership

Every time you shop, simply share your mobile number at the cash counter or online billing portal. The store representative will enter your mobile number into our billing system and update you on the number of points in your account. You can also check your points balance and shopping dashboard online.

EShould you wish to redeem your points when you shop, you just need to inform the store representative about the number of points you want to redeem. Once this information is updated in our system, you will receive an SMS on your registered number along with a confirmation code, which is to be shared at the counter. Your points will be adjusted against your bill and deducted from your account in real time.

Similarly, with your online transaction you can redeem your points by generating a redemption code at cart summary section

After each fresh purchase, you will earn points and level up to a higher tier, which will grant you exclusive privileges such as invitation to events, collection previews, greetings and birthday offers.

How can I save myself from being downgraded in this Program?

As a member, you are required to maintain a minimum purchase value for at least 12 months, failing which your membership tier will be downgraded.

The minimum threshold per tier is as follows:

Silver To Blue At Least One Purchase Of Any Value In 12 Months
Gold To Silver At Least Rs. 8,000 Worth Of Purchase In 12 Months
Platinum To Gold At Least Rs. 15,000 Worth Of Purchase In 12 Months

What is the validity period of the points earned?

The points that you collect and accrue as a FIREBIRD Club member can be availed at our stores for upto a period of 24 months or 2 years from the date of purchase. The points will not be carried forward beyond the expiry period.

Program Terms & Conditions

  • The Membership Program designed by Blackberrys; Mohan Clothing Co. Pvt. Ltd. has the sole discretion to assign or reject participation.
  • Every customer making a purchase with Blackberrys will become a member of the FIREBIRD Club, and he/ she should be over 18 years of age.
  • No additional (Explicit Or Implicit) cost will be incurred to participate in this program.
  • Online purchases are eligible for membership. The customer needs to sign-up for Enrollment into the Program at the time of online billing.
  • Eligibility Criteria: No minimum Net Bill Value is required for enrollment. A customer can become a member after any purchase.
  • Membership Application will not be considered on account of Incomplete Enrollment or Non-Factual Information.
  • ‘The FIREBIRD Club’ Membership is valid for a period of 24 months from the date of Enrollment. In case of inactivity during this period, the Membership Tier will be downgraded as per the downgrade structure explained in the brochure.
  • All decisions regarding the computation of points shall be Final, Conclusive & Binding.
  • Members can redeem all their points on a non-discounted invoice.
  • No minimum point balance is required for redemption.
  • Members should carry their registered Mobile Number to redeem points.
  • Members do not have the right to convert their Reward Points into cash or cash value.
  • Points earned will be valid for two years from the Date of Accrual.
  • Points cannot be Earned or Redeemed on a discounted product.
  • No Two Offers or Discounts can be clubbed unless specified.
  • All vouchers shall carry a Validity Period for honoring and utilization.
  • No Two Offers or Discounts can be clubbed unless specified.
  • All vouchers shall carry a Validity Period for honoring and utilization.
  • ‘The FIREBIRD Club’ reserves the right to refuse to Award or Redeem Points in the case of:
  • Non-Presentation of Membership Number at the Time Of Purchase
  • Breach of Terms & Conditions
  • Any misuse of the Program Membership
  • By becoming a member of ‘The FIREBIRD Club,’ the customer opts to receive marketing plus promotional material and other communication from the Program.
  • Blackberrys makes no Warranties and Representations, expressed or implied about the Type, Quality or Fitness of Goods or Services or Privileges extended through ‘The FIREBIRD Club’ Program.
  • Blackberrys will not be responsible for the Misplacement Delay/Loss of Vouchers, Gifts, Coupons Etc. earned by the member in the course of the Program.
  • ‘The FIREBIRD Club’ Program reserves the right to Decline Modify/Terminate the Program/Schemes/Benefits/Privileges/Rules/Membership without any Compensation and assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • All Disputes in connection with ‘The FIREBIRD Club’ Program are subject to the Law of the Land and Subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.