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The Good Company

A Blazer and Khakis are
an approved combo. Get the neutral-tone check shirt and a contrasting zipper for those in-between lighthearted moments. Please officially dub these as your "Favourite Formals" already.


Processed Khakis in beige to hold the top-heavy look

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A deep red zip-up sweater with bright blue detailing.

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Edison Shoes

Century old Oxford Brogues are back to being the most desirable pair a man could ever have.

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Leisure look

Twilight Star

Ombre isn't loved the world over for nothing! The smooth shift is no less than a romance of colours. Wear with subtle pin-tucked trousers and bold accessories, and experience the joy of wearing.


Premium Cotton Ombre-effect shirt in slim fit.

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Lean tapered trousers in satin.

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