While you pull out your travelling shoes and pack your bags this holiday season, Blackberrys thought of giving you the definitive travel wardrobe checklist.

The first trick of smart travelling is travelling light, and while we say that let’s look at the basic yet functional necessities you’ll need from your wardrobe.

Travel Wardrobe Guide

Essentials: Begin with packing staples like t-shirts, shirts & denims, and nothing more than for 1 week. If staying longer, do laundry.

Choose layers: Multiple thin layers are more versatile than one heavy layer. Carry knit sweaters, sweatshirts if you are headed to a cold place. Hefty tweeds be carried only in the case when you know the weather demands it.

Wear the right fabrics: If you’re planning for a sunny location, cotton is what you should pick. Knit sweaters & sweatshirts become your choice for colder spots.

Last but not the least, choosing the colour palette: Keep it within matching colours so that you don’t spend time deciding colour matching when the happening locations await your arrival.

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