Blazer’s second name must surely be versatility. Formal yes, but so much they are to add slick to the playful party look you seek. You may as well be dressed in a printed t-shirt and a pair of washed denims; or it could be a checkered shirt teamed up with tailored khakis. Blazers come in colours and patterns that add finesse to your outfit while it lets you be your fun self.

The first rule that comes is how you pair it, the last looks at how you layer it. With that, the blazer that fits you well and doesn’t hinder the comfort to move will be all set for a stunner look for you.

Blackberrys has got a few style tips for men who prefer an easy outfit teamed up with blazers.

    1. T-shirts

We’d always recommend V-neck t-shirts over crew neck t-shirts while layering up with blazers.

V-neck does a great job framing the natural shape of your face plus goes brilliant with the collar of the blazer.


    2. Polos

 It is about not getting all buttoned-up but looking sporty and vibrant. Polos are definitely the way to go.


    3. Shirts

Checkered or any printed shirt would be our top recommendation while teaming up with blazers, and which is definitely not tucked in. You could opt for a solid shirt too with trims to add a rakish look with character.


     4. Denims

Denims lend the effortless cool vibe and let you look young and radiant. While teaming up with blazers, there are no rules to pick the right ones. Go for raw jeans or pick your distressed pair of jeans to add an interesting twist to your look.



    5. Chinos

After denims, Chinos are the next coolest bottoms that need a must-have space in your wardrobe. They make you look energetic, young and undoubtedly very well groomed.



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