Being over-dressed and under-dressed are the two nightmares we all have dreaded sometime in our lifetime. 

I wore my regular office shirt but now that I have to head straight to a club with friends, my outfit has no happy factor. Or otherwise, I wonder if I’d ever wear a satin party shirt to work just because I got to go to a party straight from work.

Facing the turning heads of peers in wonder glancing at a shiny shirt, God forbid there happens to be a meeting.

For days like that, the safe zone of whites and the blacks is always there to save the day. But a fashion enthusiast would look for more, and with that thought your style partner Blackberrys is on the task of picking a shirt for you that goes perfect for work, party as well as play.

The Bliss of Basics, The Stripes


If you really want to go sober but stand out too at the party, go with the classy stripes. Choosing some nice colours will give your look a brilliant kick.

The Always Cheerful, Floral Prints

The small floral pattern or the one with full structure, both give a tremendous appeal to your appearance. The subtle two-tone shirt looks great, but going for a little punch of colours can give a great zeal to your party as well as your work look.


Break the Monotony of Solid. Get a Patch

This one happens to be our favourite. A solid colour shirt with a pattern patch totally gives a celebrating factor to your outfit. At work you will be the man who knows how to rock a solid colour shirt, at party you will be the one who carries formal with a cheerful note.

A great addition in wardrobe it is. We promise!

 The Virtuous Checks

Let’s not forget the glory that checks have shown time and again. The delightful dobbies will give you the I-am-having-fun look no matter what.

A pocket or two and some detailing on sleeves is another addition you could look for.

Just don’t forget  to colour-code  your shirt with your trousers.

The right pair of trousers, and  a classy pair of shoes is all you need for the  perfect ensemble as well as a fun evening. 


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