Wouldn’t it be tremendous if the trousers you wear make you look stunning whilst it takes care of the comfort and maintenance aspect.

There are plenty of options in the market that are great on the show. But what makes them perform & how to get the full package that speaks of comfort & flexibility?

 Let’s find out.

The jogger-inspired formal trousers with multi-waist

Just as the name is exciting, so is the fit. The multi-waist of the trousers adjusts itself to give you a better fit from the waist and keep you comfy just like the joggers.

Stretch is all that you need

The trousers’ fabric having stretch on the waist is what you should be looking for. It gives you flexibility and brings ease while you’re on a move. 

Checkout the Blackberrys Techno Waist & F3 Activ formal trousers collection. Stretch on the waist with trims & elements for extra comfort, letting you be on the go any time of the day.

Easy maintenance

Look for features such as anti-dust, wrinkle resistant, anti-bacterial and easy clean. Cotton fabric with these features lets the skin breath and allows you to move in humid weather too with utmost ease with no worries of unwanted wrinkles.

Easy stretch, easy comfort & no stress of maintenance; let this be the trick, and result with be you out slaying the networking game. 

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